About Us

The New Jersey Association of Community Theaters (NJACT) is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting local theater around the state. The group’s core mission is to celebrate outstanding achievements by artists of all disciplines involved in the performance and production of New Jersey Community Theater. This is accomplished through the NJACT Perry Awards, New Jersey's premiere community theater awards program. Originally founded as the AVY Awards over 35 years ago by William Perry Morgan, the organization has transformed itself several times, but has always kept its focus on celebrating creativity, craftsmanship and community in local theater.


Today, NJACT is led by a volunteer board of directors. These theater veterans are aided by over 100 volunteers across the state. Together, they work to identify the best and the brightest that New Jersey community theater has to offer and celebrate their work with an awards ceremony every fall.

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Hamlet, Circle Players. Photo: Rich Kowalski

Board of Directors

Patrick Starega


PJ Campacci

Vice President

Rita Greco


Amy Levine



Lori Fabian

Vice President of Development

Donna Serio

Reviewer Liason

Elizabeth Rzasa