2008 Perry Nominees and Winners

Outstanding Lighting Design for a Play

Nick Barter/Richard Stenken   It’s a Wonderful Life   Leonia

M. Kitty Getlik   Driving Miss Daisy   Maurer Productions OnStage

Donna Glasser/Nick MontesanoWinner   Suddenly Last Summer   Nena

Kevin Gunther   Of Mice & Men   Sayreville

Richard Hennessy   Crimes of the Heart   Chatham

Bob Murray   Born Yesterday   Westfield

Mark Reilly   To Kill A Mockingbird   CDC

Allan Steward   Cuckoos Nest   Bergen County Players


 Outstanding Lighting Design for a Musical

Julia Denison   High School Musical   SKIT

Deanna M Ford   Peter Pan   Strand

Ellen Fraker Glasscock   1776   Chester

Ellen Fraker GlasscockWinner   The Baker’s Wife   Chester

Richard Hennessy   Little Women   Chatham

Nick Montesano   Into the Woods   NENA

Mark Reilly   Sumer of ’42   CDC

Tony Siniscalco   Suessical   Hexagon Players


 Outstanding Sound Design

Matt Burns   Little Women   Chatham

Bill Bourke   Peter Pan   Strand

Bill Chamis   Summer of ’42   CDC

Liz Kulig/John Calabrese/ Steve Clem   The Odd Couple   Corpus Christi

Mark Lamhut/Mary Beth Wilson   Children of a Lesser God   Center Players

Dan MaurerWinner   Driving Miss Daisy   Maurer Productions OnStage

Nick Montesano/Arnold Texeira   Cabaret   NENA

Joseph Schreck, Jr   Falsettos   Blue State Productions


 Outstanding Costume Design for a Play

Pat Bain/Bunny Mateosian/Joanne Misha   Lend Me A Tenor   Bergen County Players

Kathy Bien/Colleen DeFelice   Children of a Lesser God   Center Players

David Clarke   Of Mice & Men   Sayreville

Diana Gilman Maurer   Driving Miss Daisy   Maurer Productions OnStage

Jim Parks JrWinner   King Lear   Circle

Kathy Ruskin/Beverly Wand   Crimes of the Heart   Chatham

Debby Schwartz/Nancy Nuccio   Stage Door   Perf. With Passion Players

Francesca Stokes/Bob Shindle/Lilly Rivera Kathy Wallace   The Odd Couple   Corpus Christie

Barbara Vansavage   12 Angry Jurors   ACT IV
Annette Winter   The Good Doctor   Enchanted Players


 Outstanding Costume Design for a Musical

Cathy Cohane/Liz Howard/Patricia Pineda   Oklahoma   CDC

Marilyn DickholtzWinner   Beauty & the Beast   Marlboro

Fran Harrison   Little Women   Chatham

Penny Hoadley   The Baker’s Wife   Chester

Joanne Livelli/Mark Montalbano/Julia Heaney/Pat Phillips/Carol Fisher-Gertner   You're a Good Man Charlie Brown   Leonia

Peter Mussared   Into the Woods   NENA

Jacquie Revier   Scrooge   Strand

Ruth Rittman   3 Penny Opera   Pierrot Productions

Ruth Rittman   Clue   Yardley

Cathy Sobeck   Carousel   Studio 13

Lois Steeves   High School Musical   SKIT


 Outstanding Production of a Musical

Ellen Fraker Glasscock Winner   The Baker's Wife   Chester

Lois Dyer & Phyllis Meranus   Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat   Livingston

Donna Glasser, Nick Montonesano
& Arnold Teixeira
  Into the Woods   NENA

Elizabeth Howard   Summer of '42   Cranford Dramatic Club

Mara Lindstrom   Little Women   Chatham

John M. Maurer, Dan Maurer
& Diana Gilman Maurer
  Singin' in the Rain   Maurer Production OnStage

Carolyn B Newman   High School Musical   SKIT

Joseph Schreck, Jr   Falsettos   Blue State Production

Jan Topoleski   Peter Pan   Strand


 Outstanding Production of a Play

John Maurer, Dan Maurer
& Diana Gilman-Maurer Winner
  Driving Miss Daisy   Maurer Productions OnStage

Ethan Addes & Michele Roth   Cuckoos Nest   Bergan County Players

Stephanie Bazzanella & Joanne Bell   Lend me a Tenor   Bergan County Players

Angela Cozzi & Dori Persson   It's a Wonderful Life   Leonia

Chris Furlong   Crimes of the Heart   Chatham

Mark Lamhut   Children of a Lesser God   Center Players

Joyce Porter   The Pillowman   Circle

Bernice Woldman   Lost in Yonkers   Circle


 Outstanding Production of an Original Musical

Kenneth G. Craddox   Lover of My Soul   Bishop Kids

Joseph Conklin/John Fiorenza/Patrick R. Noble   A Night at Tonys   Park Players

Ricky Franco/Gonzalu Valencia/Tony Greco/Barbara Greco Brady   A night with Jason Robert Brown   Cherry Blossom

Nick Montesano/Arnold Teixeira Winner   Summer Summer Too   Starving Artists

Bryan Ramirezold Teixeira   Say Yes to Life   Trinity Theatrical

Khy Garner/Letitia D. Townes   Twisted Broadway   Holman Theater Co

Carmela & Kenneth Wolosz   Rumpelstiltskin   Smiling Rhino



Allwyn L BaskinWinner   Driving Miss Daisy   Maurer Productions OnStage

Christopher Chadonnet   Children of a Lesser God   Center Players

Gian Carlo Durland   Of Mice and Men   Sayreville

Phillip Emeott   The Foreigner   Hudson Theater Ens

Michael Gallagher   A Christmas Carol   Circle

Rich Kaz   Bang Bang Your Dead   OCC

Art Murray   Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf   Radburn

Jack Pignatello   Odd Couple   Corpus Christie

Joe Riley   Lend me a Tenor   BCP



Eve ConnollyWinner   Driving Miss Daisy   Maurer Productions OnStage

Donna Jeanne   The Gin Game   1st Ave

Julie Jin   Alls Well that Ends Well   Nutley Little Theater

Lynn Lagnone   Cat on a Hot Tin Roof   Summit

Camille L. Lorello   Children of a Lesser God   Center Players

Blaire O’Leary   Suddenly Last Summer   NENA

Natalie Lynn Markevich   Stage Door   Perf with Passion Players

Sammantha McClaughlin   Molly Sweeney   OCC

Cathy Zouves Wrobel   Lost in Yonkers   Circle



Leon Acosta   Lost in Yonkers   Circle

John BoucherWinner   Over the River..Woods   Act IV

Thom Korner   To Kill a Mockingbird   CDC

James Lesko   It’s a Wonderful Life   Leonia

Frank Magnasco   The Foreigner   Hudson Theatre Ens

David Nea   The Pillowman   Circle

Rich Ruymen   Odd Couple   Corpus Christie

David Spangler   Molly Sweeney   OCC



Helen Boyadjian   Lend me a Tenor   BCP

Tina Kaye   Noises Off   Strand

Natalie Lynn Markevich   The Real Inspector Hound   OCC

Donna PetitoWinner   Playboy of the Western World   Circle

Mary Quinn   The Uninvited   Westfield

Catherine Rowe   A Christmas Carol   Circle

Lois Sharrott   A Clean House   Chester

Terry Sturtevant   Arsenic & Old Lace   Villagers



John Bertrand   You Can’t Take it with you   TLC

Ron Ceglia   Moon over Buffalo   Smiling Rhino

Hunter Lerma   Lend me a Tenor   Teaneck

Tony MililloWinner   Stage Door   Perf with Passion Players

Dale Monrie Jr   The Glass Menagerie   Dover Little Theater

Matt Murphy   MacBeth   ATC

Eric O’Connell   Heidi Chronicles   Leonia

Brandon ZoppiWinner   Stage Door   Perf with Passion Players



Lori Dahlberg   Peter Pan   Villagers

Sara Farley   Moon Over Buffalo   Sketch

Jean Marie Garver   Lend me a Tenor   BCP

Kristen Hariton   You Can’t take it With you   TLC

Robin MandalakisWinner   Lost in Yonkers   Circle

Beatriz Esteban Messina   Moon Over Buffalo   Teaneck

Morgan Nichols   MacBeth   ATC

Morgan Nichols   MacBeth   ATC

Melissa Stelzenmueller   Moon Over Buffalo   Smiling Rhino



Steven Bunin   Lost in Yonkers   Circle

Matt DubrowWinner   Children of a Lesser God   Center

Tommy Kahg   Antigone   EVP

Joseph McKiernan   Don’t Drink the Water   Sayreville

Keith Needham   Ah Wilderness   Chatham

Sam Ogilvie   Lost in Yonkers   Circle

Jack Tomy   A Christmas Carol   Circle

Matt Weinstein   Brighton Beach Memoirs   Villagers



Danielle Demaio   Ten Little Indians   Cherry Blossom

Rachel Hamptom   Midsummer Nights Dream   Teaneck

Lucy McGrath   Anne Frank & Me   Perf by Passion Players

Donna Missal   Brighton Beach Memoirs   Villagers

Messalina Morley   The Women   BCP

Givanna RobbinsWinner   Anne Frank & Me   Perf with Passion Players

Sarita Rosenstock   Wait Until Dark   Sayreville

Nicole Sigur   Peter Pan   Villagers



Kevin M. Brady, JrWinner   Falsettos   Blue State Prod

Joe Caruso   Cabaret   NENA

Ronnie Coco   Fame   St. Genesius

Robert Jacobson   1776   Chester

Greg Moran   The Baker’s Wife   Chester

Jim Petro   Singin' in the Rain   Maurer Productions OnStage

Matthew Sullivan   Suessical   Hexagon Players

Kenneth Wasser   Secret Garden   JCC Deal



Tara Beams   Into the Woods   NENA

Jessica Berger   Annie Get Your Gun   Villagers

Marguerite Durant   The Baker’s Wife   Chester

Kaye GonzalesWinner   Joseph…Dreamcoat   Livingston

Nicole Farina-Machin   Singing in the Rain   Maurer Productions OnStage

E. Nicole Spadafino   Throroughly Modern Millie   Spotlight

Julie Waldman-Stiel   Little Women   Chatham

Wanda Toro   Summer of ’42   CDC



John DeLos Reyes   Fame   St. Genesius

Bill Gaudelli   Tom Follery   Nutley

Steve Leshchanka   American Rapture   MVP

Ryan Mulholland   Mame   Our Gang

Jeffrey Norman   Falsettos   Blue State

Jeff Price   Into the Woods   NENA

David Romankow   Lucky Stiff   Villagers

Brad Sims   Little Shop…   Smiling Rhino

Dante Maurice Sterling   La Cage Aux Folles   Strand

Matthew A. WalshWinner   Falsettos   Blue State

Matthew A. Walsh   Into the Woods   NENA



Andrea Brooks   Bare   Edison Valley Playhouse

Joan Curcio   Cabaret   NENA

Vicky Czarnik   Singin' in the Rain   Maurer Productions OnStage

Tracey Fama   Lucky Stiff   Villagers

Lynn Hart   The Baker’s Wife   Chester

Eileen Hladky   Falsettos   Blue State

Amy LevineWinner   Falsettos   Blue State

Jodi Freeman Maloy   Tom Foolery   Nutley

Melissa Rittmann   3 Penny Opera   Pierrot

Amy Toporek   Falsettos   Blue State

Letitia Townes   Smokey Joe’s Café   Marlboro



Angelo Cerrone   A Night at Tony's   Park Players

Jack Curley   Oklahoma   St. Anne’s Stages

Don Gehan   1776   Chester

Ryan Goodale   Bare   Edison Valley Players

Eric KnitelWinner   Smokey Joe’s Café   St Anne’s Stages

Ray Murphy   Singin' in the Rain   Maurer Productions OnStage

Sean Openshaw   Cabaret   NENA

Arnoldo Ortiz   Smokey Joe’s Café   Marlboro

Matthew Rea   Summer Summer Too   Starving Artists

Gonzalo Vaencia   TV Theme Concert   Cherry Blossom

Nick Zarra   Say Yes to Life   Trinity



Daria Chasse   Say Yes to Life   Trinity

Ali Gleason   Smokey Joe’s Café   Marlboro

Ali Gleason   Summer Summer Too   Starving Artist

Fallon King   Little Shop of Horrors   Smiling Rhino

Katie Pedrini   Jekyl & Hyde   Dreamspinners

Jessica Pfeiffer   Lucky Stiff   Villagers

Evelyn Rue   A Night at Tony's   Park Players

Rachel WasserWinner   Cabaret   NENA

Tanya Willis   Summer Summer Too   Starving Artist

Annette Winter   Rumpelstiltskin   Smiling Rhino



Louis Baglio   Godspell   Our Gang

Philip Corso   Fiddler on the Roof   Center Players Bayonne

Andrew DeMuro   Les Mis   Flemington

Zachary Infante   The Music Man   CAST

Thomas Kiely   Suessical   BCP

Joe LaVarcoWinner   Falsettos   Blue State

Joe LaVarco   Suessical   Hexagon Players

Joseph McKiernan   Twisted Broadway   Holmdel Theater Co

Sam Ogilvie   Summer of ’42   CDC

Will Swanwick   Hign School Musical   SKIT

Andrew Wright   Oklahoma Jr   Enchanted Players



Lauren Antiles   Les Mis   Flemington

Annalisa DeFlorio   Say Yes to Life   Trinity

Joey GreenbergWinner   The Secret Garden   JCC Deal

Alyssa Kelly   A Night at Tony"s   Park Players

Julia Knitel   Smokey Joe’s Café   St Annes Stages

Alyssa LaMedica   Say Yes to Life   Trinity

Taylor Lockwood   Suessical   Hexagon Players

Mia Pafumi   The Music Man   CAST

Michelle Wilson   Little Women   Chatham

Liane Zielinski   High School Musical   SKIT