David P. McMenemie Award

A Song for the Unsung Hero

The NJACT David P. McMenemie Award recognizes and celebrates a special individual whose contribution behind the scenes of New Jersey Community Theater is significant, lasting, and invaluable.  Candidates are nominated by members of the community, and the recipient is determined by NJACT Board vote of those nominated.


Rules and Criteria

Any person can be nominated by any other individual or by him/herself.  The submission to nominate a candidate must be in narrative form.  A resume may be submitted as supplemental material.  To be considered for the NJACT David P. McMenemie Award, the nominee must not have been a recipient of the award after 1998.

Deadline to Submit Nominations: June 30, 2015


How to Submit Nominations: Please email all submission materials to nominations@njact.org; or mail your materials to NJACT, PO Box 6374, Somerset, NJ 08875.


Past David P. McMenemie Award Winners

  • Richard Kowalski, 2013
  • John M. Maurer, 2009
  • Nora Mislan, 2008
  • Kathy Falcone, 2007
  • Virginia Morano, 2005
  • James M. Curran, 2002