A message from the President of NJACT –

Greetings All,
Believe it or not, this is the time of year we start tying up loose ends and getting things organized for the end of season tally. As you can imagine it is a daunting task. Here are some ways you can help and I am very earnest when I say we will need ALL your help.
1.Please sign up for shows. Most weekends we need 12 or more reviewers. I know we can do this!
2. Please keep your commitment for the shows for which you do sign up. A great deal of work goes in to switching or having to get coverage. That is our time that can be spent working on other NJACT things that need to get done. (Or you can come over and vacuum for me)…
3. I will be sending a list of past shows for which I need reviews. Please make sure you read this list. The last list I sent out only had 1 reply.
4. Before you purchase tickets to go see a show, log in to see if it needs a reviewer. If you think it might be a conflict of interest, just ask me. It may not be.

Stay warm! See shows!

Patrick Starega

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