We hope you enjoyed your night!

Well, another year in the books!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this event as successful as it was
but especially all of those who attended and all of you who performed!

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Over the years, it has been my privilege to travel around New Jersey and see many different shows in many different styles of venues - huge musicals in some of the most beautiful theaters, small comedies in the basements of churches and restaurants, and everything in-between. I have seen intimate dramas in large spaces and seam-bursting epics in converted storefronts. I am very lucky. WE are very lucky. The opportunity to participate in the extraordinary world of theater is something we in NJ have in abundance. We celebrate this every September - in many guises over the years - by coming together at these awards. We celebrate that when we come together to create theater, we are changing lives. Sound far-reaching? Community Theater is a special place where EVERYONE can find a home and feel important. It is where something greater than ourselves brings many people together to make a difference in the life of a single witness. It is where a show-stopping dance number, moving monologue, brilliant lighting design, confident stage manager, friendly box office person, or engaging usher can each, in their turn, inspire and literally change the life of any singular person. You never know who is watching and how your efforts are making a difference at that exact moment. The theater is so much bigger than any individual creating it. It is never just about oneself; it is always about the "bigger picture" and how we make a communal impact. Change one life and you can change the world. I have been very lucky. Through Facebook, I get to see so many faces from too many years of shows to admit, and when I see any of them still involved in the arts I become very humbled and can only hope that I had a small part in that. I hope you all leave tonight renewed and inspired to go out and make a difference. Theater can inspire, the theater can teach, the theater can make us laugh and cry. Theater can entertain, the theater can help us escape - and there is where, either as maker or witness, we find our true selves.

Always In My Heart, 
Patrick Starega 
New Jersey Association of Community Theaters

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Congratulations from the UCPAC Volunteers & Staff!

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2017 Nomination Certificates

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Nomination Certificates

What a great way to congratulate your nominees or let the theater community know about all the exciting events happening at your theater!


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