How to Join

Three Ways to Get Involved

Become a Member Theater
If you are a board member of a community theater group in New Jersey and would like your group to join NJACT as a Member Theater, please review the Theater Membership Requirements.  Then complete and submit the Theater Application to

Become a Reviewer
If you are an experienced theater participant, you can get involved by becoming a Reviewer.  Consider becoming an Affiliated Reviewer if you are associated with a Member Theater to assist your group with fulfilling membership requirements.  If not associated with a Member Theater, you can become an Independent Reviewer.  Please review the Reviewer Requirements, then complete and submit the Reviewer Application to

Perry Planning Committee

If you’ve attended the Perry Awards Gala in the past and would like to help plan the next one, let us know!  We are always looking for creative and helpful volunteers to assist with invitations, decorations, programs, etc.  If interested, please email

NJACT's Promise to Its Membership

The NJACT Board of Directors understands that the future success of our organization depends on the a strong and collaborative partnership among all NJACT members.  To help nurture that partnership, NJACT makes the following promises to you, our Members:

  • To be transparent and commuicative with our Membership and the New Jersey Theater Community-at-large.
  • To make our best effort to get all Member Theater shows reviewed by the minimum numnber of reviewers required to qualify for Perry Award consideration.
  • To solicit and respond to feedback from our Membership in order to continuously improve the review process.
  • To grow the number and quality of NJACT Reviewers by providing frequent and effective training.