Become a Member Theater

Theater Requirements

NJACT is open to all New Jersey Community Theaters that meet the NJACT membership qualifications and requirements.  Please review these requirements carefully to understand the obligations of a NJACT Member Theater.

Theater Qualifications
To qualify for membership and to have productions considered for the NJACT Perry Awards, the theater must meet the following:

  • The theater must present its production(s) in a public performance space in the state of New Jersey; and
  • The theater may not be a member of the New Jersey Theater Alliance.

Theater Membership Requirements

To maintain membership in good standing, NJACT Member Theaters must fulfill the following:

  • The theater must assign an individual to serve as that theater’s Representative to NJACT.  The responsibility of each Representative is the ensure that all Membership Requirements are met by the theater.  The Representative also is responsible for facilitating communication between NJACT and the theater s/he represents.
  • The theater must provide NJACT with a list of the shows from their upcoming or current season that it wishes to have reviewed by NJACT.  For each show submitted, the Representative must post the following in the online reviewer scheduling system: title, description, performance dates and times, box office contact information, and venue address.
  • If a show is double cast, each cast must be reviewed separately.  The Representative shall post the show in the online reviewer scheduling system twice, indicating the specific dates and details for each cast (i.e., “Annie – Cast A” as one entry including the required details and “Annie – Cast B” as a separate entry).
  • The theater must provide two qualified Volunteer Reviewers, who are subject to approval by NJACT.  The Volunteer Reviewers must meet all NJACT Reviewer responsibilities outlined in the Review Process Manual.  The Representative also may serve as a Volunteer Reviewer.
  • The theater must reserve two (2) complimentary tickets for each performance a NJACT Reviewer is assigned to attend.  The tickets must be reserved under the name “NJACT Perry Awards,” and the theater’s box office staff must be notified of the reservations.  In the event a performance sells out, the theater still is required to provide suitable seating for the NJACT Reviewer and his/her guest.  Failure to do so may result in the production being disqualified from consideration for the Perry Awards.  The theater is under no obligation to provide more than two (2) complimentary tickets per reviewer.
  • In the event two (2) NJACT Reviewers are not available to review a production, the theater is required to provide NJACT with a DVD or video tape of the production for review.  If a DVD or video tape is needed, NJACT will contact the Representative via email to request one.  Failure to provide a DVD or video tape upon request may result in that production being disqualified from consideration for the Perry Awards.
  • The theater must ensure NJACT has current contact information for the theater, its Representative, and Volunteer Reviewers.
  • In the event a production or individual performance is cancelled, the Representative must contact NJACT to update the reviewer sign-up database.

Production Review Eligibility

To have a production reviewed, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The production must be staged in New Jersey;
  • The production must have evening performances;
  • The production must have weekend performances; and
  • The show must not appear in back-to-back seasons at the theater.  In the case when a theater produces the same show every season (e.g., A Christmas Carol as an annual holiday show), the show only is eligible for review in alternate years.