A February Message from the President of NJACT

Hello All,

Happy February!  This year really has kicked off to an amazing start!  I am excited to see so much energy and passion spreading across the state in how energized everyone is to produce art – and to see it. Let’s keep the momentum going!  I always say it is great to go to theaters you never been to support NJ Theater. Don’t be afraid to go out there and make a day of it; visit parts of NJ you never been to and explore not only the region, but the wonderful theaters and performances associated there.  I love go to different parts of NJ and feel honored to see so many amazing productions!

Now to some business.  I always love supporting and recognizing our stage managers. We all know that they are often the heart and soul of a production! I always get a little disappointed when we get to the end of our calendar season and there are not many nominations for them for recognition, so let’s make this the greatest year yet with those nominations.  Please submit your stage mangers for the Stage Management Award; it is not too early at all!  Also, please submit for Lifetime Achievement, Community Theater of the Year, and the David P. McMenemie Award.  If you want to nominate for any these awards, please check out this page on our website for more information and the forms (or its pull down menu): https://njact.org/perry-awards/.

Theater reps — don’t forget to check-in with your reviewers to see that they are both doing their two reviews each to maintain award eligibility. The end of June and our calendar year is fast approaching!  Feel free to reach out to us at info@njact.org if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your hard work in making NJ Community Theater strong and enjoyable. Let’s all celebrate the arts… and each other!  Like I always say, “Let’s get the party started!”


With much love and appreciation,

PJ Campacci

President, New Jersey Association of Community Theaters

NJACT Perry Awards 2022

Held on September 18, 2022

The New Jersey Association of Community Theaters was excited to gather once again in person to celebrate the accomplishments of our Member Theaters.  Check out the  link below to access the program for the event or head on over to the 2022 Winners page to view the recipients of this year’s awards!

To access the program for the 2022 NJACT Perry Awards Ceremony, click here: 2022 Perry Awards Program

Getting to Know You with PJ Campacci

NJACT Perry Awards is pleased to present Episode 6 of “Getting to Know You with PJ Campacci” — a monthly show where our President will interview member theaters to discuss their experiences in NJ theater. This month’s episode features Rob Michael Lasky from The MTM Players.

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