A Letter from the President

My Dear Friends,

As I sat down to write this year’s letter, I wasn’t sure of exactly what I wanted to say. Most of the positive thoughts have been covered in Facebook memes, so what could I add to the conversation? I reread the past two years’ letters and in 2018 I spoke about COMMITMENT, INTENTION & SIMPLICITY, while in 2019 I waxed poetic on INSPIRATION.

I have already written letters to you all about PERSEVERANCE & INGENUITY and have asked others to speak this evening about the challenges of continuing to bring theater to the masses (albeit socially-distant masses) in these “challenging times.”

So I lit a candle and sat down and that is when it came to me. You see, this is no ordinary candle. It is a Homeworx Candle by Harry Slatkin (the one luxury item I allow myself) and his fragrances calm me in such a way that everything becomes clearer in my mind. So there you have it: CLARITY & CALM.

I am hoping you have taken advantage of this situation, not to bemoan what has been lost, but to let yourself be immersed by what has been found. The calmness of a Friday night where you do not have to run to the theater, the clarity of looking out the window on a beautiful Summer morning not being exhausted from days upon days in the theater making sure the set was built, the clarity and calmness of feeling that slight shift in priorities when you have more than a few rushed minutes to walk your dog or call your Mom or watch your child color a picture – is clearly worth the trade in my opinion.

So that is my wish for you all this year: CLARITY & CALM. And once we are able to return to the hustle of our normal routines, I pray we do not forget the benefit and joy of simply lighting a candle, taking a deep breath, and remembering that the greatest and most long lasting pleasures are found in our moments of CLARITY & CALM.

Peace Be With You All,

Patrick J. Starega
President, New Jersey Association of Community Theaters

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