Suggestions to Assist with Reviews

NJACT appreciates every Member Theater’s participation in the Perry Awards process. We feel it is our obligation to provide the most thorough and objective review possible. Here are a few simple suggestions for things Member Theaters can do to help NJACT Reviewers give effective reviews of their productions.

  • Always Include Your Theater’s Address and Phone Number When Posting a Show.  When you post your shows to the online reviewer scheduling system, include the street address and phone number of the theater, as well as the company’s website address.
  • Complete the NJACT Technical Sheet.  Complete the NJACT Technical Sheet in it’s entirety and leave it at the box office with the NJACT Reviewer’s tickets.  This document provides the Reviewer with detailed information about your cast and crew, as well as your suggestions for which award categories your actors should be considered (i.e., Lead, Supporting, Featured, Youth).
  • Assign a “Go-To” Person.  It is a good idea to assign a ”go-to” person who can answer any questions that a NJACT Reviewer may have while attending the performance.
  • Be Prepared for the NJACT Reviewer.  Make sure that you know when the NJACT Reviewers are coming and that there are two tickets reserved for them.
  • What to Do if a NJACT Reviewer Doesn’t Show Up.  If for some reason a scheduled NJACT Reviewer does not show up, please notify NJACT as soon as possible by emailing
  • Communicate Clearly When an Understudy is Going on for a Cast Member.  If an understudy is performing in one of the roles, please let the NJACT Reviewer know whether that person is a prepared understudy (part memorized and costumed) or an unprepared understudy (script in hand).  The prepared understudy will be reviewed without prejudice or favor and the unprepared understudy will not be reviewed.
  • Notify the NJACT Reviewer if a Member of the Cast is an Equity Actor.  NJACT policy states that Equity actors are not eligible for Perry Award consideration.