Become a Reviewer

Seeking Theater Veterans to Serve as Reviewers

NJACT invites theater veterans with experience in a variety of theater disciplines to serve as NJACT Perry Award Reviewers.  Please review these requirements carefully to understand the obligations of this important role.

Reviewer Requirements
Reviewers must meet the following requirements:

  • The Reviewer must meet all requirements, follow all rules, and execute all processes outlined in the most recent edition of the NJACT Perry Award Review Process Manual;
  • The Reviewer must have internet access and an active email account to be able to access the NJACT online reviewer scheduling tool found on the NJACT website;
  • The Reviewer must review a minimum of two (2) shows per season, but is encouraged to review more.  A Reviewer who joins NJACT and completes his/her training after the start of a season must review a minimum of one show every three (3) months for the remainder of the season;
  • The Reviewer must submit his/her review within two (2) weeks of the performance date of the show reviewed.

Reviewer Selection and Training Process

All theater veterans are encouraged to apply; however, NJACT reserves the right to decline any application if it feels the candidate does not demonstrate a sufficient breadth and depth of theater experience.  The process by which  NJACT Perry Award Reviewers are selected and trained follows:

  • The Reviewer Candidate must complete a Reviewer Application and submit it together with a current theater resume to
  • Once approved, the Candidate will be invited to attend reviewer training.  Reviewer training sessions are held several times each year at the discretion of NJACT.  Each session runs approximately one to two hours.  During the session, the Candidate will receive training and documentation on the rules, processes, and scoring criteria for reviewing shows.
  • Once the Candidate has completed training, s/he is given access to the NJACT online reviewer scheduling system through which the Reviewer may schedule review appointments.