Choreography Review Criteria

Reviewers must give each criteria a score between 0-10.

Supports Storytelling
How well did the choreography support the storytelling?

Did it advance the story, help reveal character, and add energy and excitement to the whole production? Did it keep with the style and genre of the piece? Did it blend with the music and/or the world in which the story was set? Or did it appear to have little association with the kind of story being told and didn’t appear well integrated with the rest of the production?

How creative, interesting and original were the dance moves?

Were they fresh? Were the routines throughout the show varied? Did it demonstrate a lot of exciting new ideas? If you’ve seen the production before, how much appeared to be original choreography and how much was restaged from other professional productions? (Check the program for clues.) If there was restaged choreography was it creatively and effectively adapted to the new environment? Or have you seen this same choreography many times before in other productions by other choreographers?

Level of Difficulty
How difficult was it to compose and stage the choreography?

Was the choreography complex or technically challenging (dream ballets, tap, Fosse)? Were there large production numbers? Were there many individual numbers? Did it utilize and blend a variety of styles? Or was the amount and complexity of the choreography very limited?

Was the choreography cleanly executed?

Was it appropriately suited to the abilities and technique of the performers? Did the performers appear well-rehearsed so their timing was sharp, their steps in sync where appropriate and their movements natural and fluid? Or did the performers appear uncomfortable, unsure of what they were doing, or out of their league relative to skills required by the choreography?

Utilization of Space
How well did the choreographer utilize the space available?

Was the space utilized to the fullest necessary advantage in a creative and interesting way? Or did the stage often appear overcrowded, jammed up, or inappropriately unbalanced?