Costume Design Criteria

Reviewers must give each criteria a score between 0-10.

Supports Storytelling
Overall, how well did the costume design support the storytelling?

Did the costumes fit within the world of the play and add to the visual environment suggested by the set, lighting and sound design? If a realistic set was not used, or if no set was used at all, did the costumes help to clearly establish the world of the play? If the production was designed to take place in a different period from the original production (e.g. Macbeth set in the 1930s), did the new costumes effectively express the re-imagined world? Did they help articulate relationships between characters and help define and express each character?

How creative, interesting and original was the costume design?

Did the designer find new and interesting ways to communicate mood, period or character through the costumes? Did the production appear to require many hand-made costumes and original, unique costume designs?

Level of Difficulty
How difficult was it to execute the costume design for this show?

Was this a show with a large cast requiring many period costumes? Was this a concept show in which every actor required unique and specific costumes to support the concept? Were the costumes made of materials that were difficult to work with, or required very fine detail work? Did the production appear to require many hand-made costumes? Or was this a show that was costumed from wardrobe hanging in the actors’ own closets?

Attention to Detail
How well were the details executed in the costume design?

If it was a period piece, did the costumes appear to be from the correct period? Did the condition of the costume support the scene, dirty and ragged in a prison, clean and well pressed in a ballroom? Were characters appropriately accessorized with purses, hats, umbrellas, canes, etc?

Effective Use of Colors & Fabrics
How effective were the designer’s choices of colors and fabrics?

Did they indicate relevant information such as time of day, weather, financial status, occupation, and/or personality traits? Did they work together with the lighting and the set design to form an appropriate and effective style for the production?

Fit, Function and Construction
How well were the costumes made?

Do the costumes appear to be well-constructed and tailored to fit the actors appropriately? Were they designed and made to allow the actors to move freely and perform their roles without restriction?

Hair and Makeup
How well do the hair and makeup blend with the costuming to support the story?

Is the hair and makeup consistent with character, time and place? Did hair and makeup reflect such things as heredity, environment, age, race, temperament and health? If wigs were used, were they in good condition, appropriate in style, realistic looking and functional (stayed in place)? Were there many costume changes that also required hair and makeup changes? If actors aged over the course of the story, did they appear to age appropriately and realistically?