Music Direction Criteria

Reviewers must give each criteria a score between 0-10.

Supports Storytelling
Overall, how well did the performances of the music and the vocals support the story?

Did the music flow smoothly throughout the show, contributing to and enhancing the play’s narrative? Did vocal performances convey the emotional depth and clarity required by the show?

Vocal Performances
On the whole, how well were the songs performed by the actors?

Were songs performed with proper intonation, harmonies, diction, phrasing, rhythm, and style? Did the vocalists remain faithful to the score? Did both soloists and ensemble vocalists sing expressively and with notable competence and flair?

How well did the orchestra perform the music and complement the production?

Were the tempos appropriately paced? Were the instruments properly tuned and played on key? Was there balance and blend between the sections of the orchestra? Were the instruments balanced with the vocalists? Was the size and make-up of the orchestra appropriate to the piece and the space? Did the orchestra maintain the integrity of the score? If there were creative changes made to the score, was it advantageous to the production?

Level of Difficulty
How difficult was it to execute the musical aspects of the production?

Was this a show with more than an average amount of music? Was there a lot of underscoring requiring a lot of additional cues and tight coordination with the cast? Was it a large orchestra? Was the score complex (e.g. Sondheim vs. Rodgers and Hammerstein)? Was there a large chorus? Did the vocals require difficult harmonies?