Properties Criteria

Reviewers must give each criteria a score between 0-10.

Supports Storytelling
How well did the props support the storytelling?

Did they fit within the world of the play? Did they help suggest time period, location, or character? Did they support the suspension of disbelief, or did they distract you and take you out of the story?

How creative, interesting and original were the props in the show?

Were there props that needed to be made because they do not exist in real life? Were there hand-made props that appeared to require a high-level of creativity and skill such as puppets, or mechanical props?

Level of Difficulty
How difficult was it to execute the props for this show?

Was this a show with 150 unique props? Was cooked or prepared food used as a prop? Was a prop or props required to realistically change age or condition over the course of the play? Were there props that appeared to be custom made for the production? Were there complex mechanical props involved? Did the props demonstrate a high-level of authenticity (actual period magazines, newspapers, etc) suggesting a lot of research and leg work? Or were of the props minimal, basic, and the kind you could find in anyone’s basement or garage?

Detail and Authenticity
How well did the property master attend to the details?

If it was a period piece, did the props appear to be from the correct period? If significant time passes, was that reflected in the props? (e.g. phones, desk lighters change style with the passage of time.) If brand named items were used (cigarettes, canned goods, etc), were the brands appropriate the time, place, and character? If a newspaper is used and the audience can read the headlines, is it the right date? Are the headlines and photos appropriate to the world of the play? If the newspaper was supposed to be fresh from the newsboy’s hand, did it look new or did it look like it had been used in every performance for the past two weeks?

How well did the props function based on how they were supposed to be used in the show?

If the prop was a lighter and the actor was supposed to use it, did it actually work? If the prop was a flash light the actor was supposed to use, did it actually light up? Where the props appropriately easy to use, or did actors appear to be struggling to make the prop work?

Were the props in good physical condition?

If they were custom made, were they well constructed, and appropriately realistic and durable? If they were found items, were they in good or appropriate condition? Or were the props flimsy and falling apart during the show? If they were constructed, did they appear to be made of the appropriate materials? If the prop is a sword, does it appear to be made of metal (even if it is not)? If the prop is a gun, does it look like a real metal gun, or does it look like a plastic toy?